What Are The Best Color Options To Create A Soft & Relaxing Bedroom?

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When it comes to a bedroom paint colors it should not be chosen on a whim. The average person spends nearly 33 years of their life in bed, and while one paint job is not going to take you through that entire span, odds are that your next paint job will stick around for a while.

There Are 3 colors in particular which are excellent choices for creating a soft and relaxing space to sleep:

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Blue was perhaps the first to come to mind when you thought bedroom paint colors. Blue is one of the most relaxing colors on the spectrum.

Whether your bedroom is country or rustic or even modern you can’t go wrong with a royal blue on the walls. It is the perfect choice for a beachy bedroom too!

Navy blue is almost a neutral in today’s décor, so you won’t go wrong while painting your bedroom with it.

If you are still drawn to bright colors, then paint your bedroom a bright turquoise that makes your heart happy every time you wake up or go to bed.

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Green is a relaxing color, so it makes sense to paint your bedroom in the shade. A pastel green is ideal for a country bedroom with its wood elements & floral paints.

The soft shade is also ideal for more traditional bedrooms.

How about coloring your master bedroom in mint green? It’ll certainly be chic enough to flow with the rest of your house.

You can also consider the light apple green shade when you are in love with green but looking for an option that is a little livelier than the pastel choice.

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If you are looking for a bedroom paint colour that is extremely calming, go for gray. Being a neutral color, gray gently lulls you to sleep in its warmth like being wrapped in a furry blanket. Also it lets the rest of the room speak for itself which is useful when you like to concentrate on your wall décor instead of the wall.

Any kind of bedroom can benefit from the light shades of gray. You don’t need to repaint every few years which is definitely a big plus.

While you might be reluctant initially, dark gray is a smokey moody shade that you can easily fall in love with.

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